Food and Friendship

Anyone who is still alive today has eaten food at some point in time– that is a guarantee.  A lot of us who have been privileged in our dining experiences can take for granted the  cultural importance of what we eat.  If you were to ask American teenagers what they think is the favorite food of adolescents, they would probably respond with “pizza” or “french fries.”  On the global scale though, we could observe how the favorite food of most teens would most likely be rice or grain.  But what can a simple question like that open the door to creating friendships worldwide?

Eating a meal together with others can begin friendships by bringing together individuals who want to accomplish the same thing:  putting that food into the belly.  Each person may do things just a little bit differently or like certain things more as an individual, but could you ever Especially when eating off of the same plate, there is a certain degree of respect that one must have for their fellow hungry man/woman.  Sharing is important and should be done with consideration and care for others.

When we come together to discuss greater scale problems outside of home, we see it as an exciting opportunity to meet with minds unique to our own.  The lasting friendships that we form at SAARC-sic conferences, while they might not be considered “everyday,” are still based in the spirit of hospitality and friendliness one has while sharing a meal.

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