Realistic Worries

Sometimes when life’s moments seem too difficult to handle, one can forget even the colors or sounds of the things they encounter everyday.  It can take a lot of strength just to start each task with a fresh and clear mind.  A bad beginning to one day can potentially set off a cycle of other poor starts to all the things that need to be completed in one day.  Most of the time your worries are realistic because danger means one mess-up won’t mean getting just a slap on the wrist.  But if you cannot set realistic goals and remember them when things go wrong, those worries could be what hinders your growth as a person.

To organize your thoughts and help plan better for the future, a great first step is to just pause.  For a lot of folks under the many stresses of common life, this is a lot easier said than done.  One of the simplest ways of getting over that first hurdle is enlisting the help of a totem.  When you have a small, personal object to keep on you at all times, remember to look at it during stressful situations and observe its details:  how heavy does it feel in your hand right at this very moment?  What kind of shadow does it cast on your palm in this lighting?  Focusing on this familiar thing, but searching for a different perspective each time can help bring you back to real time with a clearer mind.

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