Representing Peace in Our Media and Arts

Everyday in the newspapers and on the television, we can get bombarded with negative images and a lot of things that are out of our control.  It is easy for those working in the media, to forget about the struggles of everyday men and women, especially in the SAARC region.  How do real people surviving in more difficult circumstances, manage to find peace and happiness in their everyday routines?  How do the special community members bring represent peace in the stories they have, or the songs they sing?

When a traveler from the United States clicks on some article in the “International” section and reads about tensions between some two countries, one could just form early judgments that are ignorant to real people that are finding ways to keep going everyday.  If   those people made their arts and medias about the little but thoughtful things they do to find happiness and peace of mind; then those readers sitting in easy comfortable spaces could see that there is always more than one story to define a nation.

Hopefully, the international section of a newspaper will have more coverage of people’s songs or real stories rather than be an opinion.  Sure, a history buff may be more inclined to search for coverage of a particular story from multiple countries’ media coverage, but these cases are not like the groups of people who voice their views the loudest amongst casual readers.

In order to achieve peace, an important step will be creating a greater variety of awareness in the different types of people involved, to readers who may form early or biased views.  Because most humans on the planet, quite honestly, would rather live their lives peace, happily, and quietly.  When one person who is being interviewed from a comfortable or cushy filming location, by saying one specific country is an instigator, is miscommunication and can lead to everyone becoming confused.  But we can be ready for this journey to friendlier relationships as we collectively spread information and discuss peace.

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